2023 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Vendor Interest

This form is for vendors interested in participating at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Lanier Olympic Park. Filling out this form does not guarantee participation. Once applications are reviewed and vendors selected, you will be emailed an invoice. Vendor spaces will be $250.  Food vendors will pay an additional fee (TBD) to obtain a Mobile Vendor Permit from the City of Gainesville Financial Services Department. Our goal is to provide a profitable experience for each vendor while offering a variety of options for attendees. Vendors are selected based on quality of product, feedback from references, and timeliness.

Contact Name(Required)


  • Vendors must possess a valid Business License or Occupational Tax Certificate from the home municipality.
  • Health inspection documentation must be current and passing, and visibly displayed in the vendor setup.
  • Vendors must hold valid liability insurance.
  • Vendors must be able to accept credit cards and/or cash as methods of payment.
  • Must obtain the Mobile Vendor Permit from the City of Gainesville Financial Services Department. This fee is included with your appearance fee for the event (TBD)

FOOD VENDORS: All cooking fluids must be contained and removed from the venue by the vendor. Any vendor using cooking fluids are required to have a mat, or some protective device underneath to prevent spillage onto the concrete plaza. Cooking areas utilizing charcoal, open flame, and/or hot liquids must be fenced or blocked from access to the general public. Please note that no water or electrical hookups are available this year. Please plan accordingly.

Those vendors who cause any environmental or cosmetic damage to the venue will be subject to a minimum $250.00 Fee. Area must be thoroughly cleaned before leaving premises.

NO used charcoal or other hot items may be left in the trash or disposed of on site.

NO Glass Bottles allowed.

Vendor sites will be assigned by HKDBF local organizing committee. All food vendor booths must be on concrete plaza. All food vendor booths using vegetable oils for frying must have a Class K Fire Extinguisher. Others must have an ABC type extinguisher. NOTE: Class K extinguishers are much more expensive than normal ABC for those that don’t use high temp veg oils.


Max. file size: 120 MB.

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any vendor application. All vendor booths will be assigned by the Festival committee. There are a limited number of vendor booths available and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Each vendor shall be responsible for obtaining any required licenses, permits, or approvals under state laws applicable to his/her activity at the Festival and for paying any taxes, sales taxes, fees or other charges that may become due to any governmental authority in connection with the Vendor’s activity at the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to cancel the vendor’s contract and require vendor to leave the Festival at any time the vendor is in violation of rules and regulations. Neither the Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury or damage or loss that may occur to the vendor, the vendor’s agents or representatives, or the vendor’s property from any cause whatsoever. Vendor should obtain, at their own expense, insurance against any loss, damage or injury they require.

The Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival, Inc. provides no guarantees as to number of participants or the volume of business any vendor will experience at the Festival.

All Vendor fees are non-refundable.

Vendor set-up time will be Friday, September 8, 2023 from 1-6 p.m. and Saturday, September 9 from 6-7:30 a.m. only. No exceptions! During the setup period, vehicles will be allowed on the plaza at the discretion of the venue staff. There will be on-site security overnight on September 9. The Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival, Inc. will be responsible for any equipment or supplies left overnight.

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